The largest measurement of time.

(exa)second - 10*18 seconds, or 31.7 billion years.

This exhibition: 3.456e-13 exaseconds.

The Observation of changes within occur within the smallest microcosms and largest valleys of perception.


Sand, an ever-present marker of time as it flows.

Perceptual and tangible markers of time.

The space in between days and the flow of sand as it erodes and shapes rock, and as it flows through an hourglass, counting seconds.


The ways with which we interface with invisible time.

In what ways can perception warp time?

Memory and it's distortions. Does time cease to exist when it's no longer observable?

What are markers we can observe as time moves silently and unseen?

Big Graphic T-shirt


(Chrono Green)

Preorder Item with projected Delivery from April to May 2023.

AMORPHIA TOKYO's signature oversized original T-Shirt BaseFeaturing an hourglass motif which is printed on a soft high quality cotton fabric.

Graphic art co-designed with artist MIQ.

100% cotton.

Timer Track Jacket


(Leap Black)

The material and lining is designed with entry points through which wind can pass through, to keep the wearer both dry and cool during Spring / Summer.

The jacket combines materials that are light, stiff, and wrinkle-resistant.

Both materials have moderate stretchability to support the movement of the body, and have excellent UV protection.

Piping finished concaved and convex details create a 3D effect.

Embroidery Dress Shirt


(Memory Grey)

Embroidered dress shirt utilizing Cotton-like, soft texture and supple stretchability.

It also has high water repellency due to the water repellent treatment.

In addition, environmentally friendly recycled raw materials are used for part of the yarn, and is overall an environmentally friendly garment.

The chest pocket is separated and held down by large embroidery, dividing the pocket so that pens and mobile phones can be put in.


2023 Spring Summer